I have extensive experience in photography, Adobe Suite and photo imaging / retouching. Coming from this background has been the basis for my move into Environment Art and 3D. Although I appreciate photography as an art form, it was not giving me the depth and control I am seeking.

My pipeline consists of a high to low top Zbrush workflow, Maya, PBR Rendering and Substance Painter and highly interesting in Substance Design with custom materials. I use Iray (Substance), Keyshot and Marmoset for my rendering workflow. I aim to become an expert utilizing these programs in the coming years and to contribute to the field.


JUNE 2018 - AUGUST 2018

Destruction Piece 01 - Environment Artist

Inspired by destruction in gaming environments, I created a small scale environment using Maya and tested destruction methods.

  • Tested active rigid and rigid bodies in Houdini.

  • Utilized Pulldownit for fracture in Maya.

  • Utilized Bullet plugin for physics.

  • Used keyshot for rendering and lighting.


Architectural Visualization, Encounters - Environment Artist

In collaboration with a Landscape Architect, I have created  environment art focusing on contemporary landscape assets for a medium scale project.

  • Interfacing between Rhinoceros 3D and Maya.

  • Created block outs as part of the design process.

  • Required to work with a team member from another discipline.

  • Required me to learn about landscape fundamentals.

  • Required me to work with and understand architectural scaling.

FEBRUARY 2009 - MAY 2015

Event Photography - Freelance Photographer / Data management

Photographed for Tarantula Music, Munky Media and Future Entertainment as a professional photographer. Contributed to:

  • Herald Sun.

  • Loreal Paris.

  • Melbourne Zoo.

  • City Of Melbourne.

  • Frankie Magazine.

  • Beat Magazine and many others.



AIE Melbourne - Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development

Completed studies at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment. Core subjects included 3D Art, Game development and Visual effects. The following the tasks were completed:

  • Fulfilled and completed workplace safety.

  • Created digital 3D models and animation.

  • Worked with materials and textures.

  • Created game environments as part of a team.

  • Planned and pitched a game proposal.

  • Managed a major game production.

  • Participated in game Jams and worked on two end of year titles.


Melbourne Polytechnic - Diploma of Visual Art

Completed and have undertaken studies of Visual Art at Melbourne Polytechnic Both Photography and Visual Art. The following the tasks were completed:

  • Art theory.

  • Understanding of Visual composition both digital, mixed media and painting.

  • Knowledge about lighting and composition, both fixed and three point lighting.

  • Can convert colours from art media to screen.

  • A strict understanding of color theory.

References available on request.