Composition C-4 - M112 Explosive
Composition C-4 - M112 Explosive

This C4 Explosive was, by my recent interests of World War props. Here I went for a more realistic approach to this and Modeling all the parts that were necessary.

For the circuit board, I used a custom Alpha that was worked in Photoshop, then took that into Substance and applied the necessary adjustments with additional parameters using Cem Tezcan's PCB Smart Material.

Some assets from previous projects also helped speed this project up, Materials for this project included industrial gaffer tape that was created from a photograph, then taken into Substance Alchemist. All other additional elements such as the capacitors and resistor had their own UV island, this allowed me to create a variation to help bring the board life.


I'll be looking into creating a full breakdown for some of the technical things that took place with all including the physics for the tape, with everything, the progress can be found here.

Learned quite a bit and I'm glad the results came out well.
Special Thanks to:
Cem Tezcan for the speedy reply and for the material.

The following Plugins were used for this project.
PCB Smart Material:




Poly Raven:

Substance Painter to Marmoset toolbag:

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