Arcade Cabinet



These Arcade Cabinets are inspired heavily by Tomas Ciger Eniac's Illustration via Death Stranding found on Twitter, as well as my childhood retro days. I decided to create this piece with additional props such as trash like popcorn, coffee cups, soda cans, papers, and other cinema arcade food.

I wanted to see what a next-generation title and several others would look like in the ‘80s - ‘90s style. For textures, I used a wood finish then overlayed the artworks giving it a painted or vinyl look. I used a normal brush for dirt, dust, oils, and coffee stains. I also did additional brushing, masking for crumbs in the carpet, side vent, and door panel inserts.

The cabinets are completely procedural, and in case I need a new machine, I will swap out the layers with few clicks.

I've added a process view and some variations render down below.