What's Next?

Work In Progress / 14 February 2019

Well, been working on a new project lately. But thought I might add a few thoughts about my projects and what I'll be doing with my Artstation and what's next? From now on, I'll be adding viewers to all my projects (or most of them) even if I have to go back to the old ones which shouldn't be too hard since all the textures are just an export away. Second is to really cull my crap 3D work and always making it look spot on.

Here's a preview of what I been working on:

So far, I've come a long way with my 3D.

Work In Progress

Been a little slow year. Now with personal issues and toxic people outta the way, let’s try to keep pushing these other squares somewhere far far away. That includes my handsome face. That will probably change over time with the fluorescent glow I lead. #ArtVsArtist 

Culling Photography Out Of My Life | #ATT2019FTW

Work In Progress / 01 January 2019

Today this is my first blog on Artstation, and rather than posting the entire history, I thought I'd post this short one instead.
Decided to make these for Christmas and possibly some firecrackers in the future to kick start my new year.

Bottom line is, I used to be a photographer and a writer, but now we're going to see more posts like this in the future due to the nature of the tech culture and movement. I hope you guys enjoy these and my upcoming works. I'm kickstarting 2019 with 3D. Happy New Year Everyone.

The nightmares are over.