C4 Explosive Day 13-16

Work In Progress / 10 June 2020

Day 13
Focusing on the overall shape and aesthetics as well as understanding how tape and support ties work for something like this. As you can see a lot has changed since my last post. The tape was done by hand, although the next day shows different. Took it more serious and worked with physics to get a realistic look for the wrinkles in between the gaps of the wires.

Day 14
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tape material so I decided to use Substance Alchemist for this and make them on my own, including a seamless circuit board material. With the help of an old photographer friend, it was pretty easy to get this done and super fast. Note: Also, if you're a photographer and you know its craft make your own, but personally, just hire one it'll be cheaper and it'll save you time especially for materials don't exist.

Day 15
The current asset has now been retopologized and is now officially ready for a clean texture pipeline. During this ongoing project, I have been using a bunch of plugins to help speed this clean model done and dusted. Poly Raven for UV mapping and Romain Chauliac's Cable Script, and ModIt for Maya, and at the same time have been brainstorming few more assets for the scene that I want to showcase this C4, highly considering a garage / wood-shed look with tools on a bench.
Day 16
Here, I worked with more detail. Redoing all my UV s and sizing them out per components so no resolution wouldn't be compromised.
Successful baking was discovered and manage to attain all the details with the high and low with no issues with AO or overlapping.

The assets from here will be reused, especially the resistors and physics for the mess of the garage scene soon to be.
Time to whip out the tablet and listen to Madonna's Material Girl. Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 12

Work In Progress / 26 May 2020

Okay, this. So this somewhat of a final post for now,
and as mentioned I will be having a post with multiple days so it will be more interesting or could even lessen the stress.

But as you can see, the extra detail has been added, and the plans to add more to this is quite evident. Based on recent feedback, small projects with lots of details and a well-lit scene it's the way to go. Reworking some areas like the tape and the roughness for it, but small things Iike this and components do matter. I'll though I do plan to make a normal map for the whole board to lessen the geo count. Specifically for the parts and the idea in mind, the detail is important.

I'll be going with real-world colours for the components for the normal map plan, and perhaps have some of the legs for them stick out underneath, with the board that's under the keypad, I'll be adding some emissions to give it a point of interest. This is what is currently in the works.

As you can see from the following images, I've started with some normal maps for the screws. This works best because if I'm not happy with the current, I can always swap it out, it's also using less geo for this. So it's a win! 
After all the components are coloured, I'll be adding fake solder, but more details on that and dirt in the next post.
Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 11

Work In Progress / 26 May 2020

Still a lot of masking to go, but the next posts should be interesting that's for sure in fact. Day 12 could be my last post until we actually start getting somewhere with the textures. Planing to do a 13-17 / etc post, that way the posts won't get boring, and I'll have something to talk about.

At the moment I'm preparing the areas for masking and selected areas. More of a break down in the next post.
Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 10

Work In Progress / 24 May 2020

Interesting day. Had a few baking issues, but their somewhat solved now. Also had to jump bake into Zbrush to adjust the tape, didn't seem tight enough. Currently there's no wear on the dirt yet, components and the wires still are need to being colored. So far it's starting to show a bit of life. 

For the most part I think I got the color and roughness for the clay just right. Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 09

Work In Progress / 24 May 2020

Not so much to talk about here. Although I have been more room on the sheet for extra if needed. 

It's packed nicer now. At the moment I'm trying to fix out the bake for the Clay, might be the frontal distance. But the maps are all baked out for the components, once I fix the Clay I'll be ready to start painting. I'll be saving out the current project, then come back to this after the next texturing is done. Then slap on the material and update it. 

That way I don't have to worry about move the camera a whole heap. I rendered these in Keyshot earlier, this is progress as of late.
Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 08

Work In Progress / 23 May 2020

Today as shown, back at it with my UV tools, more packing and more optimization. Got a new layout and got the keypad packed now. So, plans are going well so far. As you can see below I did a lot of packing and manage to make a square. 

All is left now is to make the smart material for my army, not only that but I'll have a full kitbash and modular components for future purposes.

Army ready to texture;

Ideally the goal is to get it looking something like this but for everything else including a stripes and patterns provided in the refferencing.

Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 07

Work In Progress / 22 May 2020

Today was a crazy productive day nothing but, UV, packing and optimization most likely for the next couple of posts also more details on this most likely as much as possible. All these components that you see here from one single UV sheet, some also have noticed and asked, why have I packed them in a little collection as seen. The reason being is not that it just looks cool for the post, but to help me texture and prep this when loading it to the board.

It'll be easier to texture in SP and to update in config rather than going back and forth. Then just save out the smart material and drag it on afterwards, on a new document with both sheets. More packing as we speak and aiming to get the keypad along with the circuit board on the sheet also.
Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 06

Work In Progress / 21 May 2020

Today, I worked on the UV and textures, pretty cool that it's starting to get a little interesting. I had a basic idea on how I would go about texturing this and what would I do for the circuit board. Thankfully, I been playing around in Substance Alchemist and it's quite handy to know old school tricks in Photoshop. As you can see, I've made my own Base Material, it helped a lot. I was also able to get all the names of the parts that are on the board, which means I can just look them up when referencing. Quite a lot of Kit-Bashing too and super fun, and I can definitely see me using these parts in the future. I've added a basic colour for the components for now and will be working on adding other assorted colours based on the names of the components. Obviously, there's a lot more work to be done, UV sets need to be fixed with layout, masking and surface detail and more work with the keypad, but it's coming along nicely so far. I'm happy with this as a starting off point for getting this ready for real-time.

Finally, there's Color. Until the next one.

C4 Explosive Day 05

Work In Progress / 20 May 2020

Today was really good. Got tones of work done for the Asset, but didn't quite get through the material stage. I got paranoid, because of a thunderstorm, sounded pretty severe, so I quickly saved everything and jumped off. 

But, here are the last actions took place. Wires are all in the positions they need to be, added surface detail to the C4 and underneath the tape as well as detail to where the pins are, went through the whole asset and giving it some parts lower polycounts.

Then after that added all the parts to the folder and merged all, ready for export out into Maya. 

The section where the wires to are, are now "soldered" to the board and the battery is also connected to them. As you can see it looks like a real mess of wires (like real life). Here are some screenshots of the changes to the wires and the board along with the C4 with detail. Just have to smooth in Maya and add the materials. Then bake the high on the low.
UV and Texturing should start today (in Day 06), can't wait for substance only talk. Until the next one

C4 Explosive | Day-04

Work In Progress / 18 May 2020
Worked more on the C4 and added a few additional elements, an antenna for a signal, extra components and connectors for the wires. Speaking of wires let's talk about how annoying these Boyz were today. After thinking my model was ready to hit material stages I ran into crazy town.
The wires were now all broken and in pieces. I tried most of the tricks, weld points, optimize points, merge tris and even closing holes hoping that would fix it.


Sometimes Zbrush likes to play Polyking, and likes to mess around with your project, as always. Turns out, by default export by groups is always on. On that note, before you export you should turn off the group option. Then export, then it won't be in pieces as seen in the link provided. That option can be found all the way down below on the export and import menu. Here's a little break-down of the issue taking place.


These issues only seem to happen when importing and export files in and out of programs, especially Zbrush. But only if you had that option turned on. But the wires are fixed now, and ready to start adjusting the position. So glad we have plugins in this world. Otherwise, I'd be doing all that piece by piece. Closed holes, Dyna mesh and Zremesher was used but was both scripted in two separate plugins, all I did was wait for it to do its thing.

Example of a project exporting out of Zbrush into pieces.

Avoid this mess:                                                                                                  Solution:


The Export Groups button, enabled only when OBJ format is selected,
determines whether areas in the mesh will be exported as separate items with group assignments (if pressed),
 or the mesh will be exported as a single group (if un-pressed).


Currently, the model now looks like this.
And looks like this with Color to it. 
I often test an asset in substance to see how the materials behave with the lighting and see how Auto UV in painter works, and to see how the lighting looks overall, then go back into Maya and add materials or additional UV's if needed. All is left now is to adjust the geo and smooth in some areas and to spot if anything was missing, and UV the parts, if seams are being crazy.
But, it's been a wild 4 Days, and Day 05 should be interesting now the wires are no longer a hassle.
Links to the plugins used that helped resolved my issue for Day 04 areas down below. Until tomorrow.


Links to the plugins and documentation that solved my issue:
· https://www.zbrushcentral.com/t/solved-zremesher-for-thousands-of-objects-z4r8/341044 
· https://pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/zplugins/ 
· http://docs.pixologic.com/reference-guide/tool/polymesh/export/