Vault Updates 04

Work In Progress / 20 June 2019

So I finished the last few assets for the scene. Super happy about the progress and the work with textures. Now, all is left is composting and the lighting and it should be ready for post. Not sure how to go about this yet. I’ve also added a ceiling and props for it. Honestly, don’t know what came over me these past weeks. But I smashed all this out pretty quick after I was done with the door and the other assets I started off with. So I’ll be doing some research but, rest a sure. It’s done. I’m sure I’ll add more if I feel like it but less is more I guess. Maybe I could add a few more as a bonus. I’ll write more soon. Gotta spend time with the lovely. Let’s just hope this couple of pictures hold up for now.

No Internet Made Me A Little Better

Work In Progress / 31 May 2019

Lately, we had an issue with our internet. Almost for a whole month offline. Was kinda annoying because I needed refference for my main scene and there’s no PureRef on my phone. So, I decided to model a Bathroom Cut Away, an Emergency Security Light Box for the vault scene and rework on some of the geo for the Vault and add more details and bumps, alongside I've retexture and re-rendered the Heads & Shoulder’s Shampoo. Since being back online, I’ve realized how messy I’ve become with the desktop. Least I've been keeping myself busy. I think the presentation is by far so much better than life itself. 

More updates on the Vault, when that becomes daily again.

Bank Vault Update 02

Work In Progress / 30 April 2019

So a lot has happened in the past week/months, new changes in my life and been wicked all over the place with some trouble makers. But good back into the project to continue where I left off and here's where we are now with the scene. More props and fixed those glowing carts, and as of writing this currently pushing the last bit off data to local and modelling a briefcase full of money, here's a sneaky on that. Pretty hooked on this scene, we'll see how I go within in a couple of days or so, then back to tiny project just like the Shower Scene. Back with more short updates soon, this is pretty full on. 

Making More Props!

Work In Progress / 28 March 2019

Small things like Cameras don't take too long. I want to add more detail to it like rings and stoppers around the wire but that should be easy.

I still have quite a bit of space on the map which is cool, but I think that I will do is have one UV map particularly for small assets/far from the camera to reserve space. The render is in Substance Iray, so I should be much happier with this once this hits Toolbag.



Project Update WIP

Work In Progress / 28 February 2019

So manage to create a standard default smart material for the scene. But before I talk about that, literally in aw because I've have created and figure out a neat little pipeline that's not only good for myself but can possibly work for high standard projects.
Thus making me super pumped for everyday work

Thought I'd show the latest, but the scene should look quite interesting once it's all textured and re-lit. No more twitch or slacking off, unless on days off. This is far more interesting instead. Maybe I'll do a rundown of this said pipeline, but might save it for another time.

The Bank Fault (Props In Making)

Work In Progress / 24 February 2019

Okay, so from the previous post I did, I mentioned that I'm moving forward with my 3D, that's a promise and by me typing and reading this I don't want to let myself down.

Here's one of the props from the major scenes I'm working on and this is done and dusted, OKAY! Next step is to do the same thing with the rest and continue this pipeline I made for myself for the next 20 years.
Although I not to happy with the wheels and the noticeable geo count (You'll see).

But renders are updated on both profile and the site itself. Maybe I'll get a beer when this is all done.


What's Next?

Work In Progress / 14 February 2019

Well, been working on a new project lately. But thought I might add a few thoughts about my projects and what I'll be doing with my Artstation and what's next? From now on, I'll be adding viewers to all my projects (or most of them) even if I have to go back to the old ones which shouldn't be too hard since all the textures are just an export away. Second is to really cull my crap 3D work and always making it look spot on.

Here's a preview of what I been working on:

So far, I've come a long way with my 3D.

Work In Progress

Been a little slow year. Now with personal issues and toxic people outta the way, let’s try to keep pushing these other squares somewhere far far away. That includes my handsome face. That will probably change over time with the fluorescent glow I lead. #ArtVsArtist 

Culling Photography Out Of My Life | #ATT2019FTW

Work In Progress / 01 January 2019

Today this is my first blog on Artstation, and rather than posting the entire history, I thought I'd post this short one instead.
Decided to make these for Christmas and possibly some firecrackers in the future to kick start my new year.

Bottom line is, I used to be a photographer and a writer, but now we're going to see more posts like this in the future due to the nature of the tech culture and movement. I hope you guys enjoy these and my upcoming works. I'm kickstarting 2019 with 3D. Happy New Year Everyone.

The nightmares are over.