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Terms Of Use

By using this website, you herby agree to the terms and conditions.


Terms of Use:
By using this website, you herby agree to the terms and conditions of use as stated below:

1. Copyright and Reproductions:
The creative shall own the copyright for all images created at the event and shall have exclusive rights to make reproductions. The creative shall only make reproductions for client or for portfolio use, studio samples, self promotions, entry in contests or exhibitions, instructional purposes, editorial use, or within or on the outside of Artist's studio. Any such use will be judicious and consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment. If the artist desires to use images for uses other than those specified above, the artist shall not do so without first obtaining written permission from Client or other third party.

It is a violation of federal copyright law to allow photographs or any content created by the Artist to be reprinted, duplicated, digitally reproduced, copied, scanned, or altered without the permission of the Artist. Client agrees to purchase prints and products directly from the creative unless in possession of high resolution digital files. Further, Client agrees not to make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing sale of the images by the Artist. Client agrees not to scan, copy or reproduce images in any manner, for any reason, without a written release from Artist.

2. Client Usage:
Client is obtaining content for personal use only and shall not sell prints or authorize any reproductions by parties other than Creative. If Client is obtaining a print for a newspaper announcement of the wedding or similar use, the author authorizes Client to reproduce the print in this manner. In such event, Client shall request that the newspaper run a credit to the content creator with the image, but shall have no liability if the newspaper refuses or omits to do so. Usage of images that Client receives on CD or DVD is outlined in Section 5, below.

3. External Links Policy:
Calvin Cropley utilizes to manage all booking, scheduling, tasks, packaging, sales, and contacts.  You herby agree to the terms and conditions of and understand that all complications outside of pertaining to the site is liable only to and not Calvin Cropley.

Calvin Cropley utilizes Google Check Out to manage all online transactions.  You herby agree to the terms and conditions of Google Check Out and understand that all complications outside of pertaining to Google Check Out is liable only to Google Checkout and not Calvin Cropley.

4. Blog and Site Content:
This site contains written content that expresses the opinion and concerns of Calvin Cropley and is meant only for educational and demotration purposes.

5. Release of Digital Negatives: [Photography]
If Client orders Digital Negatives of the event, these files will be delivered on multiple CD’s or DVD’s. By releasing the digital negatives, Photographer authorizes the Client to use the images contained on the CD or DVD for their own personal use, including printing of the images at a lab of Client’s choosing. The digital negatives will be of the same quality as the images that are presented to the client online through Pictage. Photographers are not responsible for the quality of enlargements from these files that have been taken to a non-professional and/or consumer photo lab. The images may not be sold or published without the written consent of Photographer. Photographer will retain the copyright of the images contained on the CD as well as the exclusive rights detailed in Section 4 “Copyright and Reproductions.