San Miguel Light Beer Can

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San Miguel Beer Can | Barely found anyone on here to pull this off. So, I decided to take it. Was actually surprised that it wasn't already done, being that this beer has been around forever. I didn't wanna just do an ordinary beer can or soda can, I wanted to do something that was unique and something that would stick to my roots. Here, I focused on as much detail as I could, from the bumps and scratches to the bits of dirt all the way the to the droplets of water to give it that cold feel. I also drank this recently, so I was able to copy word for word from the can itself at the same time as having a real-life reference for this model. The label was all done from the ground up as I could not find any paste on's, down below is a breakdown of all the layers. The can is modular, now I’m able to swap out the label and have this can be any can it needs to be fit the situation.