C4 Explosive Day 12

Work In Progress / 26 May 2020

Okay, this. So this somewhat of a final post for now,
and as mentioned I will be having a post with multiple days so it will be more interesting or could even lessen the stress.

But as you can see, the extra detail has been added, and the plans to add more to this is quite evident. Based on recent feedback, small projects with lots of details and a well-lit scene it's the way to go. Reworking some areas like the tape and the roughness for it, but small things Iike this and components do matter. I'll though I do plan to make a normal map for the whole board to lessen the geo count. Specifically for the parts and the idea in mind, the detail is important.

I'll be going with real-world colours for the components for the normal map plan, and perhaps have some of the legs for them stick out underneath, with the board that's under the keypad, I'll be adding some emissions to give it a point of interest. This is what is currently in the works.

As you can see from the following images, I've started with some normal maps for the screws. This works best because if I'm not happy with the current, I can always swap it out, it's also using less geo for this. So it's a win! 
After all the components are coloured, I'll be adding fake solder, but more details on that and dirt in the next post.
Until the next one.