C4 Explosive | Day 01-03

Work In Progress / 17 May 2020

So, for the past 3 days, I've been working on this C4 Explosive, inspired from a Dust II Session on Counter-Strike. It all started with a simple block out, then taken into Zbrush for the details.

Placement of the circuits, resistors, capacitors along with the battery and the rest were to give realism. I didn't want to just limit myself with just bump and normal maps, I wanted details.

It's coming close to texturing so thought to update this blog. There's a lot more now since my last post, several things have been done. As for reference for this project, it's a little tricky to go off the real world for this. So, I'm using standard circuit boards and in-game referencing from CS games, as well as scenes from movies and anything else I can find online.

Hope everyone is doing well regarding the world situation. Clearly we're all still strong. Until the next post.

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