Bank Vault Update 01

General / 24 March 2019

Turns out made a boo boo, and found out I have to add a few more things before I start going crazy with shares and posting.
Here's what I got far and the results are in, I'm happy with these and the way the lighting is set up, the viewer needs fixing but other than that it's about 95% done. Down below is a little draft of what it is to look like with more props, doing this will help me to fill the scene in a little more.

Very happy with the textures, so glad I made that Basic Material for the steal, doing this made everything uniform. 

What's to be done:
*Security Camera
*Security Flood Lights
*Top Rails
*Railing For
*Security Gate
*Outside Table
*Drum (50/50)
*Step Lader
*Inside Table
*Duffle Bags