C4 Explosive Day 05

Work In Progress / 20 May 2020

Today was really good. Got tones of work done for the Asset, but didn't quite get through the material stage. I got paranoid, because of a thunderstorm, sounded pretty severe, so I quickly saved everything and jumped off. 

But, here are the last actions took place. Wires are all in the positions they need to be, added surface detail to the C4 and underneath the tape as well as detail to where the pins are, went through the whole asset and giving it some parts lower polycounts.

Then after that added all the parts to the folder and merged all, ready for export out into Maya. 

The section where the wires to are, are now "soldered" to the board and the battery is also connected to them. As you can see it looks like a real mess of wires (like real life). Here are some screenshots of the changes to the wires and the board along with the C4 with detail. Just have to smooth in Maya and add the materials. Then bake the high on the low.
UV and Texturing should start today (in Day 06), can't wait for substance only talk. Until the next one