C4 Explosive | Day-04

Work In Progress / 18 May 2020
Worked more on the C4 and added a few additional elements, an antenna for a signal, extra components and connectors for the wires. Speaking of wires let's talk about how annoying these Boyz were today. After thinking my model was ready to hit material stages I ran into crazy town.
The wires were now all broken and in pieces. I tried most of the tricks, weld points, optimize points, merge tris and even closing holes hoping that would fix it.


Sometimes Zbrush likes to play Polyking, and likes to mess around with your project, as always. Turns out, by default export by groups is always on. On that note, before you export you should turn off the group option. Then export, then it won't be in pieces as seen in the link provided. That option can be found all the way down below on the export and import menu. Here's a little break-down of the issue taking place.


These issues only seem to happen when importing and export files in and out of programs, especially Zbrush. But only if you had that option turned on. But the wires are fixed now, and ready to start adjusting the position. So glad we have plugins in this world. Otherwise, I'd be doing all that piece by piece. Closed holes, Dyna mesh and Zremesher was used but was both scripted in two separate plugins, all I did was wait for it to do its thing.

Example of a project exporting out of Zbrush into pieces.

Avoid this mess:                                                                                                  Solution:


The Export Groups button, enabled only when OBJ format is selected,
determines whether areas in the mesh will be exported as separate items with group assignments (if pressed),
 or the mesh will be exported as a single group (if un-pressed).


Currently, the model now looks like this.
And looks like this with Color to it. 
I often test an asset in substance to see how the materials behave with the lighting and see how Auto UV in painter works, and to see how the lighting looks overall, then go back into Maya and add materials or additional UV's if needed. All is left now is to adjust the geo and smooth in some areas and to spot if anything was missing, and UV the parts, if seams are being crazy.
But, it's been a wild 4 Days, and Day 05 should be interesting now the wires are no longer a hassle.
Links to the plugins used that helped resolved my issue for Day 04 areas down below. Until tomorrow.


Links to the plugins and documentation that solved my issue:
· https://www.zbrushcentral.com/t/solved-zremesher-for-thousands-of-objects-z4r8/341044 
· https://pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/zplugins/ 
· http://docs.pixologic.com/reference-guide/tool/polymesh/export/