Skills Are Cheap!

As of writing this, it is now 5:48 am the next day. I worked on the site once again. Uplifted a few things with the overall design, look and feel. Things really are coming together. But before we dive deep into the epic-ness. I'd like to talk about the career stuff. Yes, the very boring stuff. I've made it quite clear in the previous post, so let's recap.

I've mentioned that I am no longer a photographer, I still take photos and am also happy to take the job if need be, but my focus now is on my 3D career, and I've wanted this since I was 8 years old. I'm happy, and at the same time sad to say, that I will officially be retiring from photography at some point.

So, now that's outta the way here's where the fun stuff starts. Things with the site are pretty much at a 99.99% completion, and although that may be hard to believe, it actually is around the corner. Final step into this will be getting legal talk outta the way and to roll out the site being 100% with a shopping cart.

From there I will begin a new addition / sub-project on the site being E-commerce. The art and the design are all done and dusted, it's all about content at this point. I hope to complete this by mid-2018. Once that is done, I'll be focusing 100% on the 3D art and the blog for the free S.E.O.

Currently, I've been juggling so much as of now, it's taken quite awhile to update this and get the site done. Only really because of assignment after assignment, otherwise, it would be done by now. But I do have to say, it's not bad for 2 years into the course as well as everything else. But for the large majority, it's now taken a total of 5 years in near completion. Well, to my standards anyway. Personally, skills are cheap, and all you really need is patience, and things will work out. 



After I get that little paper I'll be just focusing on the art, either it'd be the 3D art, or in general really. Next year will be very different, but if I have to be honest, I've been getting more sleep now that we are coming closer to the end of all this. I'm sure I'll throw in an update post once everything is in the clear. But still, I'm super happy right now where things are at.

Down below are some 3D pieces that have been in the work. Hopefully, this these will help illustrate what the blog a little.


Aspiring to be an environmental artist more works to come in the future. The next post will be quite technical, and will be flooded with server talk. 

Super excited to get shit done. See you all in the next one.