The Pinacle Of My Life

So here we are, the website is coming to an end, as we speak we are look at a full completion of 99.99%. That means very little coding. By the end of the month it shall reach the big 100%, after that I'll I need to do is keep up to date with the blogs, news, video posts and projects. That includes Dreams And Nightmares, concept work and sketches. The sketches is still under way of practice and to be honest I feel like I've done okay with it all. Few days ago, I got myself into Video Game / Development and Art. Thankful there are courses now days that will allow me to practice this into a career. I soon will be able to post more sketches as I get the feedback but I think everything is looking good on my side. The plate is getting more empty as the days and months go by. I'll be relaxing once and for all. And not taking any gear with me on my next trip, it's going to feel very different but I'm sure I'll feel like a completely different person after I return.

The Pinacle Of My Life starts of with the fabulous people from the modding community. Doing this has lead me to a whole bunch of sources. I'm very interested in getting visual and 3D worlds as real as possible. By doing this, it has helped me understand and visualize how I want my photography and videography projects to look. A perfect example of this is the The Pinacle Of V, modder Josh Romito from Canada has highly appealed to me as one of the best realistic mods for the whole environment of Rockstar's: Grand Theft Auto V.

In the coming weeks I'll be having a chat with him on what are the system requirements for how to run this to a full mirror shine. And a PC is something I'll definitely be in need to switch to, highly considering on, and at some point with in Conceptual Design I will be aiming for a SLI Bridge to run Grand Theft Auto V and this mod in 4K, thus giving me the closest to real life reference out to date. And to also accommodate this we'll have the Oculus Rift in hand when released. As for now we wait, we backup, clean up and create as we prepare for the ultimate workspace.

Rockstar's: Grand Theft Auto V Showcasing of the The Pinnacle of V (GTA REDUX) World Enhancement Project. By Josh Romito.