Well, Well, Well.

Looks like my previous post got trashed. Oopps. Anyways things are still looking pretty clean for me; been doing lots of projects, and making some good progress with my visual diary, most likely you'll see them in the timelapse videos, I'll be making more for my channel.

I'll admit it's hard work putting one together, but really does pay off. Few other good things to know, they accepted me, turns out my interview and presentation wasn't so bad after all.

Clients are starting to slowly come in, one in particular, by bestie wants to buy a 20x30, now that's big, not sure when that would be, but it'll be interesting to see. Apart from that, not that much else but my erge to do the extreme stuff really is longing, and yet I still haven't got my GoPro or proGO, I'm thinking sometime after school this will kick off. Fingers crossed!

Oh speaking of fingers, I'll be doing something for Halloween and time-lapsing this for sure. And yes, there's going to be gore. So stay tuned for that. The website is looking pretty damn skippy, and if I can say from memory it looks about 73%, after this; Dreams And Nightmares and Project Burn Out is what I'll be uploading mainly; still needs more content though, after all the content is up to 100%, I'll be focusing on key wording everything, (unless this us key wording also). At the same time I'll be working on my new business cards and getting them printed.

Tumblr will be deleted this week sometime and I'll only be having this. Take my word on it, I won't only be posting the creepy stuff. It's time to start working on some awesome things like; landscapes, nature, travel, extreme, experimental and journalism. I now know where I want to be, and at this rate, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to save lots and keep my work very consistent.