Traveling With Fire.

So today was pretty good, explored the city, as swell as talking a lot about camera gear and the workflow. Something definitely worth talking about. Today’s events involved discussing collaborations with new people that’ll be working with me, to get that little extra traffic, not to mention us helping one another.

A Videographer and an Editorial is now confirmed. Since fire does burn then turn to ash, hopefully this will be will become an infinite where we will rise from the ashes.

That being said, we’re trying to figure out what people are really interested in, it’s going to be tuff and a little bit of a struggle, but I’m sure brainstorming will take care of that.

In a lighter note, I’ll be at The Digital Camera Expo tomorrow with one of my editorials, and be taking notes, going to seminars and continuing until the 15th, to see if the idea can expand, and end up with something super. We should be able to get some useful information until the end of the conference, should be good to see what results is to be offered at the end of this.

I’ll be live blogging from the show. I’ll need a coffee fix tomorrow for sure. I’ll be pretty jumpy.