The Sky Isn't The Limit.

Parachuting looks cool as hell! 

Grand Theft Auto is really giving me some neat ideas, and actually thinking about the extreme stuff too. Did any one say GoPro? Yup, I’m getting one of these bad boys. Skydiving especially, I’ll finally be able to create one of my projects, “Like Falling Bombs”, and that’s been waiting on the shelf for me since 2009.

Things are looking pretty interesting. I wouldn’t go say I’m stuck with nothing to do. But I’ll say that I’m stuck with so many ideas that I don’t know what to do with myself yet.

Hopefully I’ll be swinging by some jobs for that extra cash to get me started, I’ll need the gear, they’re hiring, and I’ll most likely be doing full time until school starts, that’s next year. I should have well over enough to get me started. The bills and renting things out should be the only thing that I’ll be worrying about by then.

After school I’ll be working more, and heading back into the nightlife. From over the years, clubs seem to have a lot of energy, and that’s hot for the word of mouth, I’ll need the networking. I think I might hit them up soon, no drinks, this ain’t no party. I’ll be documenting. This time I wanna know what their taste is.