The Before And Afters.

I’m starting to get more into fashion as it is something new and I have pretty much got a neat workflow going on, from post production to publishing, I manage to get them up within the hourly mark. I’m thinking I’ll start letting this take over music. Seems to be a great start into being a photojournalist.

As much as I love music, I think I’m gonna have to let it slide for now, not for my sake, but for the promoters and managers not treating me seriously.

As far as I’m concerned, they seem to pick the wrong people for their “right” reasons. With that being said, I think their so called “reason” is why I’m moving away from it, I’m sure later on they will also see the transition between me, and them.

The before and afters lay in their hands. As for now, I need to get my journalism going on and blogging seems to be giving me the green light, I just can’t stop writing.