That Famous Blue.

The main thing I've noticed and have looked up to for many years is my key interest in videogames, and how I now am using this as an outlet towards my visual referencing.

Not to mention it is platform of choice, but I guess it's not about that anyway. It's now come to the point of my years of self realisation that I now have made the decision to use such platforms as a tool.

Gaming or videogaming, whatever you may call it isn't only about the divisional activities or pretty repetitive otherwise.

I like to see this not only as to find an ending or interest, but a source of exploration to the experience as well.

VR or virtual reality will play a big part of this exploration, well for mine anyway. Exploring light and photorealism with a VR system will give me the opportunity to advance my knowledge with the lighting and the dynamics of how we see things virtually. To replicate this, I will be able to get a clear understanding to what I need to do for my future projects and portfolios. 

But we're not quite there yet. Unfortunately this is exciting to add to the form of words or vocal, but it clearly isn't a reality quite yet.

The idea to this on going and continuous project is to include elements such as lighting direction, sense of place and ambiguity. 

The overall starts with my 5.1 Dolby digital surroundsound and soon to become 60" 4K Sony Bravia. In addition to technology advancing, I will also be having a 5K iMac, and bringing the platform of choice into my studio, with the exception of going into photoshop, simultaneously as well as to record and to take full native 1920x1080 HD screenshots to study my interest.

I tend to worry about others not enjoying these concepts to it's full potential that it delivers to our creatives such as photographers, illustrators, architects and graphic designers.

Forgetting about the controller is one thing. But finding the games that mentally let you forget about its actually there is another.

Expanding my research and forgetting about everything in reality and trying to input myself in the surroundings will bring some interesting ideas to the plate, with the exception of exploration to the real world. This is Conceptualdesign.