Press Start.

So here I am with my tea, crackers and feta dip, thinking about the days of video gaming. Although we are not focusing on photography at this point, that’s down below, I just thought I’d write this now, trust me there is means to it, it will lead to photo talk. Okay go!

So I been taking a big break from my photo work lately, been a few days now and have been playing Hitman, epically close to finishing it and just about to get Grand Theft Auto next week. Why am I talking about video games so much you may ask?

Well, since I do know myself like no one else, I bet any money that I will finish that in no time. I really only go for the story. Not to mention I am still waiting for Breaking Bad to finally finish, although I really don’t want it to.

After I finish the game, I think I’ll use Grand Theft Auto as a some what of an exploration venture stimulant for inspiration towards the projects, the robots are definitely smarter this time! But that will be for backup if I can’t think of anything.

After that, then what? Well, I’ll be taking things more seriously and blogging about school projects, focusing on the business side and creating a home for fashion content, seems to me that’s getting a lot of attention and seems like a great place to be right now. I’ll be having some great people working with me to help with editorial and videography if necessary.
More news on that soon.

It’s gonna get pretty busy after I finish this relax stage. So, I better enjoy it while I still have the chance.

When I go back into my classes, I’ll be focusing on a little horror for 5 year olds, but mostly on photojournalism. I gotta get my notepad out and start writing some plans. The Facebook Page now has better content and nothing cheesy unlike the old one, definitely doing much better statistically and systematically.

As for the website, I’ll be updating the fashion work in a couple of weeks or a month, not quite sure how long the others should be up. But in a quick note, Spring Racing is coming up, and looks like I’ll be working for InstyleMagazine to cover that, Horses and Wine seems like a great addition to what I’m doing, it’ll be pretty exciting.

In the end result, it’s going to be me being busier than ever, and by the looks of it I have lots to share, my journal is kinda getting full with plans.

I guess the crackers and dip have ended, and so has this entry post.
See you in the next one.