It's Raining Outside.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, so I better get up early this time.

I got a little more insight today, instead of being just, “wow!”. Although I was getting pestered by this man talking about how he won’t die, and how awesome it is to be 60. I found this quite unfair, I was having a great conversation with this other gentlemen prior to that, not to mention I need to talk to one of the reps. Anyway. Highly thinking about getting a Eizo monitor at some point. Color is what I’m really interested in, I’ll be getting one for sure, and if I had to mention helicopters in this blog… I just said it. Yup, that’s a secret too.

I have to spend my time less on going out, and more time on work and editing. So, sorry if I don’t seem to be at your expectations, actually, no, I’m not sorry. You just don’t understand me or us creatives. Although, those who’ve stuck around, kudos to you and we’ll definitely be doing something soon.

It’s seems to be raining right now, and I’ll definitely need more shots from that scene. I’ll also need to update my fashion photos as well as the sport section to the site. If it starts raining heavy, I’ll be shooting tonight, but seems it’s just salivation from the sky for now.

I really am looking at the type from when I was shooting last.
Head into journalism and you'll see what I mean. 
Don’t think it’ll be anytime soon since it is now Spring. I’ll be updating about this soon, I want sluggish weather.