I'm In Los Angeles.

Looks like I’ve been away for awhile. Well actually just a few days, but since I haven’t updated the blog, it really does feel like forever.

In a nutshell, I bought Grand Theft Auto. Everyone is talking about it, and my goat! It is amazing, not in the nerdy game talk, but in beauty from how the artist is concerned, the games detail is by far the best ever since… and having (since) not making that much sense, I’d say it’s pretty close to real life. The architecture, the nature, the people, the skies, the weather, and most importantly the Wild Life! Although I haven’t come across a Shark or a Bear yet. I’m already taking some notes down, but I still haven’t explored the whole map, it’s un-expectingly huge. I’ve seen Deer around here and there, and that’d be great to do a shoot somewhere in Wisconsin. But that’ll be a much much later note in life.

Totally thinking about sea and underwater photography too! But to where this stands at the moment, Ariel Photography sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I’m gonna try fly around in the game to get some notes on what kind of angles I’m looking for. Overall from brainstorming, I’ve still been active with my work. Meetings, know how’s, interviews and note taking.

I have a feeling that this game in particular will bring some interesting ideas to the note book.