I Got In!

So it's been awhile since I posted, few good things to add. I got in to college and will be starting next year, saved a whole lot from buying the goods since I already have them, bought iBooks too and all in all there are 68 books on my iPad; mostly photography. The admin said I might not need some of the essentials, since I been using photoshop for years; well I believe since I was 14, with travel not so much news there, I'm focusing on prepping for college; but will be getting cards printed. That also included "You Were Shot!", work is sending me off to Sydney to cover some events for New Years Eve. I'll be there for the day / night, I'll also be pulling an all nighter.

Then after that, be covering Future Festival 2014, then off to shoot the Fashion Festival in march, whilst at the same time studying. This should give me the time that I need and to save cash. I'll be able to focus and pull some strings. Plan is to head off to tokyo and other places at the end of my degree. Definitely know the site is working, someone got in contact with me this morning, Hi Stephanie! So that's good news! Should be good and will be handing out "You Were Shot" at all the events from now on. Next year is looking really exciting on my side. I'll be sure to post some notes from time to time.