Going Rogue: Part I

Apart from me not updating in awhile I've been quite busy, been working on file management and Project Burn Out, I've been shooting more. Today I was at the #SaveThePalace Rally, it wasn't what I expected it to be, but surprisingly there was a lot of people. The photos will be up tonight in Photojournalism and as well as to be published on their site. I'll be up for a little tonight, then resting back into the daily pattern again. Then maybe, just maybe be posting about my processing behind the file management. The debt is clearing up and that means I'll be heading to some awesome places soon or after college. The BAinPJ will be the last of the education part, I'll be traveling after that, as I cull through the photos. Their looking neat, but this field is quite new to me, I think I'll need to do this more often. More updates coming soon.