Culling Photos For The Real Deal.

Been culling photos all day today, possibly tomorrow too! But looks like it’s finally coming to an end, and the architecture set is almost ready for uploads! Sleepless nights and tired as I am, I just won’t stop editing. Yup, I’m still going, it’s about week 4 into the architecture project now, and I’m starting to get a more clear understanding on how things work in this field. 

I’ll still be looking around here and there, but thankfully my cousin is an architect and even though he’s spending less time on Skype with me unlike previous times, I’ve learnt so much so far. We only had a 36 minute conversation last night, and that was more than enough time to get me un-puzzled on what to expect. 

Ended up culling 104 to 54 and they look strong. This is definitely something that’ll need working on in the future. But for now, she should hold. I’ll update again about this as soon as I start adding the photos to the site.