Assigning Assessments

Seems to all be about depression and death. I like nightmares, but doesn't seem as it's coming from an original standpoint. More or less the mindless sneer against the excuse to make this portfolio and hope to pass. 

I guess as a blooming artist it'd make sense more to focus on that, none the less I have when I was a kid. Not quite sure if this is the easy way out or the early stages of it but I feel that they could focus on it a little more. 

This semester I plan on making death, depression and anxiety some sort of daily thing, kinda like how brushing your teeth every morning before work is. In other words something you'd get used to but in this case most people aren't used to it. Daily habits tend to worry people especially when the unusual happens. 

Making a piece scary as hell should be quite interesting, because it will always push you, no matter how much you're willing to look at it.