9 Months, And Counting.

Now we are done! After 9 months the site is officially now up and running as normal and has more than enough content to entertain you. Mainly focusing on music, fashion, journalism and retouching along with all the other buttons to contact me via social media. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions in regards to my work and the site so shoot away. Stay tuned for more, the next albums coming up are Architecture and Sports. As for me, I have a party to plan! Hope you guys like this more than I have enjoyed watching it grow, please make sure to share this with your friends, it’d mean the world to me. Please also keep in mind that if you’ve been reading till this point the site name will be http://www.calvincropley.com very soon as for now and (in the past) it was http://www.photographybycalvincropley.com; that name was too long and possibly too hard to remember, so I made it shorter for everyone.

Artist featured on the home page: 
Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio 2009. 

So make sure to click that in the future. Not much to say right now, but if you guys wanna take a vote on what I should be posting for you to see make sure to let me know. I wanna share as much as I can. Hope you guys will stick around now that I have a site, now for some rest.